ACW (Anglican Church Women) – Group B

A.C.W Group B began in 1944, initially with evening meetings and then over time changing to afternoons. They have celebrated their 25th, 35th, 40th, and 50th anniversaries and approaching their 75th in two years’ time.

Over the years, members have attended Deanery Days and the Diocesan A.C.W annual meeting. Also, a couple of members have sat on the Diocesan A.C.W executive committee.

Some of the fundraising activities have been rummage sales, bake sales, catering, smorgasbords, and quilt raffles. The group has given up fundraising (now under A.C.W Group A), but continues to support St. John’s annual Harvest Bazaar, the Pancake Supper and the annual Dinner Auction.

Bale packing for the North has been and continues to be a major endeavor each year. Prayer partnership has been a priority and we continue to pray and correspond with the Rev. Jospeh Royal and his family who resides in Iqaluit. Jospeh is the Director of the Arthur Turner Training School.

We are now a group of 13 ladies meeting in the home of members on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, 9 months of the year. We continue to donate money to the church and the Bishops Thanks Offering.

Please contact Maxine Haining for any details – 613-205-0816

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